adjutant bird

adjutant bird
large Indian stork with a military gait
Hypernyms: ↑stork
Member Holonyms: ↑Leptoptilus, ↑genus Leptoptilus

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noun or adjutant stork also adjutant crane
Etymology: probably so called from its fancied resemblance to a military figure pacing a parade ground
: any of several large upright storks (genus Leptoptilos) having the head and neck bare of feathers and feeding on carrion or on small aquatic animals or snakes: as
a. : an Indian stork (L. dubius) that attains a height of seven feet
b. : a smaller Indian stork (L. javanicus)

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adjutant bird or adjutant stork,
a very large species of stork of India, Southeast Asia, and Africa, so called because of its stiff gait when walking; marabou.

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